Worried about catching coronavirus on Lynx?

A confined space like a bus can be a great breeding ground for the coronavirus, so we reached out to Lynx to see what steps they are taking to protect the public and employees.

Here’s how they responded to us today (March 3):
“We are in the process of finalizing our official plan. Rest assured we are monitoring the potential impacts and will respond accordingly.
As of today, we have done:
1.       Creating preliminary agency plan for the coronavirus. In process.
2.       Developing plan on increasing the cleaning of its buses. No issues.
3.       Increased the cleaning of our facilities.
4.       Educated staff on the coronavirus.
5.       Participating in the Orange County Emergency Management daily conference call.”

By comparison, the NY Daily News reported the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City was disinfecting its 6,400 buses every three days.


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