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Coronavirus: Lynx bus questions and answers

What follows are questions that  David Thomas Moran , co-chair of CFL4Transit (Central Floridians for Public Transit), sent to the leadership at the Lynx public bus system.  Check out the answers he received . 1.     How can the community-at-large and CFL4Transit best support LYNX and public transit right now and in the coming months? What are the biggest needs? The best way to help is by sharing the information we are pushing. ·   · · Along with this we need people to understand that if you are sick, you do not ride. We are encouraging essential trips only. 2.     How is LYNX coordinating with public health officials to support the safety and well-being of transit riders and transit operators during the    COVID-19 outbreak? LYNX is following all recommendations set forth by the CDC and local health departments to continue safely moving passenge