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Lynx needs to improve coordination

Ever since SunRail started serving our community, people have asked if Lynx is coordinating its buses with SunRail.
Lynx and SunRail officials have repeatedly said that they are coordinating bus and train arrival times.
Coordination is the key to what transportation wonks call an “intermodal” system. In other words, a system where people can seamlessly transfer from one mode of transportation to another, such as from a bus to a train and vice versa.
Yet we have continued to hear Lynx riders complain that the bus they needed pulled out of the train station just before their train arrived.
For the first time this past Monday (Sept. 17) we decided to check it out for ourselves.
We arrived at the Sand Lake Road SunRail station before sunrise.
Lo and behold two buses pulled in. A couple of people got off. Then the buses left. As the buses pulled away we could hear the public address system on the platform announce that the next train was due in two minutes.
Two minutes later the train pulled in,…