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Share your opinion on Lymmo Expansion Plans

Lynx is seeking input from transit passengers about potential expansion of and enhancements to the free Downtown Orlando Lymmo service.
Lymmo debuted in 1997 as the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in the nation. Nearly 20 years later, Lymmo has grown from a single route serving the Downtown core (now the Orange Line) to include two additional lines (Grapefruit Line serving Parramore & Thornton Park and the Lime Line serving Creative Village) and an offshoot of the Orange Line in the developing North Quarter.
Further expansion of the system to include new routes serving Downtown South (including Orlando Health, the Amtrak station, Sodo and Market at Southside), Mills Park (including Florida Hospital) and College Park is being proposed.Additionally, signal enhancements and other upgrades are being considered for the existing lines.
We’ve had a chance to review the proposals in detail and are very excited about what might be coming. We encourage you to weigh in and take the br…

COMING SOON TO LYNX: Free Wi-Fi and Real-Time Bus Tracking App

At the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority Board meeting on November 10, 2016, funds were approved that will allow Lynx to implement several major technology upgradesthat will enhance the passenger experience.

Free Wi-Fi Service Fleetwide on Lynx 
Wi-Fi is currently in a beta test on 30 vehicles (about 10% of the Lynx fleet). Beginning in December 2016, the service will be rolled out to the remaining 270 buses and a full-scale marketing campaign will begin in January 2017.
Lynx will be installing cellular modems and Wi-Fi routers on the entire fixed-route bus fleet and providing cellular-based Wi-Fi service to customers. Internet security software consisting of bandwidth management (restricting streaming video and other high bandwidth applications) and content filters (to prevent pornography and other objectionable content) will be utilized to ensure a reliable Internet speed and pleasant experience for passengers.
Lynx is spending $182,000 on the initial installation of t…

Welcome to LynxedTogether!

Welcome to LynxedTogether! We’re a blog and online community created to advocate for Lynx bus passengers in Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties in Central Florida.
Considering the funding constraints that the Central Florida Regional Transportation Agency (aka Lynx) faces, we think they do a surprisingly adept job of providing reliable transportation services to area residents. But there are so many unmet needs – critical areas of our community that don’t have bus service at all and too many places where the buses don't run often enough, late enough or even 7 days a week to get passengers where they need to go.
Lynx passengers are primarily what are known as “captive” riders: those without a car or another way to get around. One mission of this blog will be to advocate for these passengers and bring attention to areas where service can be improved or optimized to better meet the needs of this constituency.
It’s our firm belief that Lynx needs to begin attracting “choice” ride…