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Moving in to a Lynx Bus Stop

Most Lynx passengers look for proximity to a bus stop when choosing a new home, but how many have considered living at the bus stop itself?

The other day, we received this photo and note from David Porter, founder of this blog and Have you ever seen anything like this? What would you do if someone started living at your bus stop?

"This is on the north side of Sand lake Road near Voltaire Drive. Sometimes there are people standing at this bus stop because this gentleman is taking up one of the bus benches. This gentleman has been living here for at least three weeks. When I say living I mean morning, noon and night; I pass there at 2 in the morning and he's sleeping with a blanket pulled up on him. Homeless people have the right to sit on a bus bench, but can they just take it over? I wouldn't be surprised if he's carrying out his normal bodily functions within close proximity to this bench. I feel sorry for him, but I also feel sorry for the riders w…

From the Bus Bench: Detours + Poor Planning + Poor Decision Making = Epic Lynx Fail

This is the first installment of From the Bus Bench, a new recurring series here on Lynxed Together that will bring you first-person accounts of what it's like to be a Lynx passenger in Orlando, Florida. If you'd like to share a Lynx-related story for From the Bus Bench, email us at I've drafted this first installment ~ Simon

I've said over and over again that given its' limited resources, Lynx does a surprisingly good job of focusing on passengers and getting people where they need to go. But at times, riding Lynx can be an incredibly frustrating experience, as evidenced by two rides I took Thursday (April 13).

Don't misinterpret this as whining or a "woe is me" story, as I'm sure there were hundreds of other Lynx passengers who had just as difficult an experience on the bus yesterday due to missed connections, late buses or any number of reasons. Rather, it's just a snapshot of how poor planning by Lynx a…

How would you grade the Lynx bus?

What letter grade would you give Central Florida’s Lynx bus service? 
Lynx CEO Edward Johnson gives the bus service an A grade. 
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