Improve Lynx by supporting Transit Equity Day

Monday (Feb. 4) is Transit Equity Day.
No, there won’t be any parades and you don’t get the day off from work.

Transit Equity Day is a national observance that was created to call attention to the importance of public transit. This date was selected because it was the birthday of Rosa Parks, who is credited with launching the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955 to 1956) to end racial segregation on public buses.
We share the belief of Mrs. Parks, and the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that access to public transit is a civil right. (If you don’t have a car and can’t afford one, then how do you get to work, the doctor, or shopping for groceries?)
The goal is of Transit Equity Day is to recognize the importance of public transit to everyone because it: ·Helps reduce traffic congestion ·Improves our local economy and create more jobs ·Protects the environment from toxic emissions, which helps to counter the catastrophic danger of global warming.
What can you do to observe Transit Equity Day? ·If …

See how Lynx stepped up its game in Kissimmee

Starting Monday (1/28) public transit in Kissimmee will get a big boost.
That’s when Lynx’s Kissimmee Circulator -- also known as Link 709 -- begins service.
This mini-bus was launched to make it easier for people to get to popular destinations in Kissimmee’s downtown core. The Kissimmee Circulator begins its route at the Kissimmee Super Stop on Neptune Road.
The service, which will run from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, will link the intermodal transit station with the Osceola County Courthouse and administrative center with Kissimmee City Hall, Osceola Regional Medical Center, Florida Hospital Kissimmee.
Until now, it’s been a pretty good hike between the intermodal station – which serves passengers from SunRail, Lynx, Amtrak, and Greyhound -- and the county courthouse.
The Kissimmee Connector will travel on Dakin Street, Lakeview Drive, Emmett Street, Church Street, Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Oak Street, Central Avenue, and Main Street.
For the first 6 months of service, pe…

Our elected officials should be blamed for the Lynx deficit

No one should be surprised by the recent TV news story reporting that Lynx has a $21 million deficit.
That’s the inevitable outcome when you have a fast-growing 3-county metropolitan region served by an underfunded, poorly equipped public bus system.
Our elected officials – local, state and federal – have ignored Lynx for decades. They’ve never given Lynx the resources it needs and that riders deserve. Now the suits are acting surprised.
The best suggestion some people have come up with to address the problem is laying off drivers and cutting routes.
Anyone suggesting cutbacks is both an idiot, and an elitist!
Maybe those Lynx critics don’t ride the bus, but tens of thousands do every day.
For the record: Lynx provides 83,000 rides daily.
Lynx serves Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties with about 300 buses. By comparison, the Orange County school district has 900 buses to serve one county.
Lynx needs more drivers, more buses and more routes – not fewer.
The overw…

Want a fast ride to a Disney job on Lynx?

Our bad!
A few months ago, we suggested that SunRail’s Southern Extension into Osceola County would make it easy for people to reach Disney by taking the train to Kissimmee where riders could transfer to Lynx bus route 56.
Later we learned the bus ride from the Kissimmee Intermodal Station (used by SunRail and Lynx) to Disney could take an hour or more. In a car, that same ride would take 30 minutes give or take -- depending on the time of day and the traffic.
The Link 56 bus uses U.S. Highway 192 and makes stops so you can see why the trip takes so long.
It would be much quicker if Lynx ran an express bus straight from the Tupperware SunRail station down Osceola Parkway to Disney. That trip takes 20 minutes or less.
Lynx has said it has considered such a route, but that has not been included in the bus service changes that go into effect this month.
People need the bus service now, not some time in the future.
That’s why we’re asking people to CLICK HERE to sign a petition to launch a Lynx …

Even Mayor Dyer doesn't seem to care about Lynx riders

Not once during the Orlando State of Downtown address last week (Dec. 6) did Mayor Buddy Dyer mention the importance of improving and expanding Lynx bus service.
In a section of the speech Dyer labeled “connectivity” (which you can see by clicking here) he praised the SunRail commuter train. Dyer spoke of pedestrian trails, bike-share, optimizing vehicle flow, and even the introduction of a ride-share hub for downtown’s late-night club hoppers.

But Dyer – a member of Lynx board – did not specifically call out Lynx and the vital role it plays in moving people, especially those who live east and west of downtown Orlando.
Mind you Lynx Central Station sits in the heart of downtown – a stone’s throw from Creative Village – the mayor’s urban renewal pet project in the historically black Parramore community.
By overlooking Lynx -- either unintentionally or purposefully -- Dyer showed why Lynx continues to limp along. Too many politicians don’t give Lynx the priority and attention it deserves.

Vote like your bus ride depends on it

Public transit sucks in Central Florida – really in most of Florida – because most of the politicians on the Nov. 6 ballot don’t care about public transportation.
We know this because we embarked on a month-long investigation to survey federal, state and county commission candidates whose names are on Central Florida ballots.

Through the efforts of researcher Robin Denise Harris, we posed 2 simple questions: If elected, does the candidate plan to support efforts to improve and expand SunRail? If elected, does the candidate plan to support efforts to improve and expand Lynx (or Votran for candidates in Volusia County)?
Of the 38 candidates we reached out to (trying several times if candidates did not respond to the first query) 17 candidates answered yes.
Those answering YES included: U.S. House: Darren Soto, Wayne Liebnitsky Florida Senate candidate: Melissa Martin Florida House candidates: Tracey Kagen, Ricky Shirah, Barbara Cady, Geraldine Thompson, Anna Eskamani, Amy Mercado, Carlos Guiller…

Proposed changes coming to Lynx

Lynx is proposing to add 1 route and make other route and schedule changes on Jan. 28, 2019.
Here's what they're planning:

Link 709 – Kissimmee Connector (Osceola County) – Will operate a one-way loop through downtown Kissimmee from the LYNX Kissimmee Intermodal Station via Dakin Street, Lakeview Drive, Patrick Street, Emmett Street, Church Street, Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Rose Avenue, Oak Street, Central Avenue, Hilda Avenue and Main Street. Route will operate every 30 minutes weekdays 6:30 a.m.-8:09 p.m.
Link 21 – Universal Studios (Orange County) – The current bus stop on Valencia College Drive will be eliminated. Buses will serve a new stop near the Valencia College Nursing and Fitness Center via Kirkman Road, Valencia College Drive and Receiving Road.        
Link 37 – Pine Hills/Florida Mall (Orange County) – The current bus stop on Valencia College Drive will be eliminated. Buses will serve a new stop near the Valencia College Nursing …